Government Grants For Home Improvement – Money You Never Repay

If you’ve thought about rehabbing or doing some home improvement work, you may be in luck. There are numerous government grant programs that can provide $15,000 or more to help you with your home improvement costs. These grant programs are not to be confused with loans. This is money that can be obtained and never has to be repaid.

How much is available?

There are various sizes of government home improvement grants. Some can help you purchase new energy-efficient appliances for your house, while others may provide financing for materials and labor on a much bigger project. Different states and local governments offer different plans, but there is typically funding available that anyone 18 years or older can qualify to receive.

Where do you find these grants?

The first place to check is with your local government. A government official should be able to point you to their grant funding department, who can then inform you of the available grants and the application process.

You will also want to check with your state agencies to see what programs they may have available. Some of these grants are for special interests, while others are provided simply as a way to help the local community and increase home values.

For instant access, you can gain access to a grant database that will list all of the grants that are currently available in your area. You simply follow the guidelines for the ones that you qualify for, use the information provided to complete the application, and submit your request.

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